If you want to make your home more efficient, your HVAC unit is a great place to start. Your heating and cooling system contribute to almost half of the total energy used in a home. Keeping the system in top condition is an excellent way to reduce energy bills and save money. Here are HVAC maintenance tips to help you improve your unit’s efficiency and extend its lifespan.

HVAC Maintenance: Be More Attentive

Paying more attention to your HVAC system is an easy maintenance task that won’t cost you a dime. Knowing how your unit operates will make you more likely to notice strange sounds or issues. If you start hearing unusual noises, the equipment could have a problem.

Other performance issues you may notice include poor airflow, a malfunctioning thermostat, and worn-out fan blades. The earlier you identify these problems, the faster and more affordable the repair will be.

HVAC Maintenance: Replace Filters

The HVAC filters capture dust, dirt, hair, and other allergens from the air to ensure these pollutants don’t circulate through your home. Change the filter at least every 2 to 3 months to enhance indoor air quality, lower your energy consumption, and avoid costly repairs.

Replace the HVAC filter more often if you have pets or live with small children, older adults, or anyone with respiratory issues, as they tend to be more susceptible to poor air quality. A clean filter traps more particulates and allows clean air to pass through the system more efficiently.

Clean the Outdoor Components

The outdoor components of your HVAC system are exposed to weather, moisture, debris, and dirt. Additionally, vegetation may cover the unit and prevent adequate airflow. To keep the system running smoothly, clean the outside unit.

Clear leaves, branches, and debris around the unit, and make sure no vegetation grows into or against your equipment. Trim nearby plants at least two to three feet from both sides of the system to allow proper airflow.

Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat allows you to access features that help with HVAC maintenance. You will receive notifications when your filters need to be changed or when there is an issue with your unit. Program your HVAC unit depending on your desired schedule. You can also keep track of your month’s energy consumption to see when your unit uses the most energy.

Call a Professional for HVAC Maintenance

Even though you can complete most of these maintenance tasks yourself, some work is more complex. It is important to hire an expert for seasonal HVAC maintenance. If you have a new system, order professional check-ups at least once per year. For older units, hire a professional for maintenance twice yearly – during the spring and fall.

Most maintenance tasks you perform are proactive, meaning your work helps prevent problems from occurring in the future. It is better to find and deal with potential issues before they worsen. Stay up-to-date with annual HVAC maintenance to enhance your system’s efficiency.

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