How to Improve Swimming Pool Safety

If you have a pool at home, you probably look forward to relaxing in your backyard during the summer months all year. While there are perks to having a swimming pool, you must be vigilant about safety. Statistics show an average of 11 drowning deaths per day in the United States. Prevent a tragedy on your property by following these six tips for swimming pool safety.

Add a Fence with a Locking Gate for Swimming Pool Safety

If teenagers in your neighborhood break into your pool while you are asleep or away, there’s not much you can do to make sure they are safe. Prevent people from gaining access to your pool by installing a tall fence around it with a locking gate.

Take it a step further and add an alarm that will sound if someone tries to enter the pool area. A fence also keeps young children and pets from going near the water unsupervised.

Have Rescue Equipment and a First-Aid Kit Accessible

When you own a pool, you need to buy plenty of accessories and supplies, including rescue equipment and a first-aid kit. Keep these items on hand at all times so if there is an accident or injury, you can react quickly to save a struggling swimmer or treat a wound.

Check the first aid kit monthly and restock any supplies that are running low. Make sure that there is always a cell phone at the pool so you can call 911 if necessary.

CPR and Swimming Lessons

Invest in swimming lessons for all the children in your household and CPR classes for all the adults. These skills are necessary to prevent drownings and help a drowning victim, especially if you have a pool on your property. Most community centers and YMCAs offer swimming lessons for all ages, and you can take a CPR class at the local Red Cross.

Install and Inspect Drain Covers

A faulty drain or drain cover is a serious safety hazard, as the suction from the drain can pull someone to the bottom of the pool. All drains should have covers that are in perfect condition. At the beginning of the season, conduct a thorough inspection of the drains and covers.

Post a Sign for Swimming Pool Safety

While a sign with pool rules won’t actively keep people at your pool safe, it helps remind people what behavior is safe and what isn’t. Some important rules to post are:

  • No running
  • No diving in shallow water
  • No horseplay
  • No glass by the pool
  • Children and pets should always be supervised by an adult

Purchase a generic sign of pool rules or have one custom-made at a sign shop.

Have an Annual Pool Inspection

If you have a home pool, hire a professional to conduct an inspection every year. Some home inspectors offer this service. The inspector will check safety features, the condition of the walls and liner, the filtration system, and the drains. A professional inspection is an essential step in keeping your pool safe.

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