Whether you’re relocating across town or to the other side of the country, preparation and planning are important for an easy, hassle-free move. If you are moving with a family, especially with young children, it is helpful to be organized. Below, we will go over five helpful moving tips for your family to help you survive the stress of relocating.

1. Moving Tips Include Decluttering Your Home

Before you begin to pack, spend time sorting your belongings. By decluttering and ridding your home of items you no longer use, you’ll have less to pack. Create a pile of things to donate to charity, or hold a yard sale and earn some money for your move. The best time to declutter your things is before you begin packing. If you don’t need or want an item at your new house, don’t waste time and space transporting it.

2. Invest in Quality Boxes

One of the most helpful moving tips is to invest in quality boxes. You’ll probably have friends and family that want to give you boxes they’ve collected, but you’ll be better off with sturdy boxes specifically made for moving. Moving companies and storage specialists sell boxes and strong packing tape. The difference between your things arriving at your new home safely or in pieces can be as simple as the sturdiness and quality of the packing materials you use.

3. Color Coordinate Moving Boxes

Another helpful tip for moving is to color coordinate your moving boxes. Assign every member of your family their own color. Boxes can be labeled with that color to make each person’s belongings easy to identify. Choose colors for particular rooms as well. When you arrive at your new home, it will be easier to put the boxes in their correct rooms.

4. Helpful Moving Tips: Pack a Bit Every Day

When you sell your house, your closing date might be six weeks away. While that seems like a lot of time, it’s important to get started decluttering and packing. Begin preparing for your move as soon as you’re aware that you’ll be relocating. Create a plan for packing and work a little each day.

5. Keep the Items That You’ll Need Accessible

There are important things you’ll need when you move; for example, the children’s school supplies, your work computer, and prescription medications for your family and pets. Keep the items you use on a daily basis close. Instead of packing these items in the moving truck, store them in a plastic tote that’s easy to identify and can fit in your vehicle. Another option is to pack a suitcase or backpack for each family member so everyone has access to their necessary items.

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