If you are moving into a newly built home, don’t skip the home inspection. Although the home you’re about to move into is brand new, mistakes may have been made during the building process. Below, we have put together a list of 5 reasons why you should have a home inspection on new construction.

Home Inspection on New Construction for Safety

There are a lot of potential issues in a new construction home that could affect the safety of those who live there. During a new construction inspection, you may discover possible electrical problems, faulty plumbing, fire hazards, and other issues related to the construction of the home.

After the inspection, you will have peace of mind that you and your family will be safe and comfortable inside your new home for years to come.

Hiring Your Own Inspector for a More Thorough Inspection

Your new home will already have been walked through by a city or county building inspector. However, even the most qualified building inspector may overlook issues in the home simply due to tight schedules and what they’re required to review on the property.

A code inspector performs several inspections each day, so they are meant to be in and out of a home as quickly as possible. While this is efficient, it leaves plenty of room for potential issues to go unnoticed.

Hire your own professional for a home inspection on new construction for a thorough assessment of the home. The inspector you hire will likely only be performing one or two inspections a day and should allow plenty of time to focus on you and the home.

Code Compliance Doesn’t Cover Everything

A building official performing a walkthrough inspection of the home is making sure that there are no code violations. However, a home that is code-compliant isn’t necessarily free of issues.

The building inspector is checking that the minimum standards are met in a home. You want more than the bare minimum, though, so you should have a new construction inspection completed.

Mistakes can be Hidden Without a Home Inspection on New Construction

As builders move from one phase of construction to the next, building mistakes in the foundation and behind the drywall will be covered up. This can be avoided with new construction phase inspections, where the home is inspected after each part of the building process to check for defects or oversights.

You are Financially Responsible for Any Issues After Your Warranty Expires

After you move into a newly built home, you will likely receive a one-year warranty that covers issues in the home related to the initial construction. Once the warranty expires, you will be financially responsible for any mistakes the builders made.

Order a home inspection on new construction so any issues can be fixed before you move in. Before your warranty expires, hire an inspector to conduct a builder’s warranty inspection in the 11th month. They will look for any problems that may have come up in the first year of living in the home. Any mistakes or oversights made by the builders will be covered by the warranty so you won’t have to pay for them later on.

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