Decluttering Your Garage

For many homeowners, the garage is one of the biggest storage spaces that they have quick access to in their house. Unlike attics that you need to climb into, the garage is a large, open space where people often put things that they don’t want in the house. Unfortunately, garage storage can fill up quickly without a plan. Here are some of the best ways to organize your garage.

Clean Out the Garage to Increase Garage Storage

Before you can organize the items that you have into new garage storage, you should start fresh and completely empty your garage. Go through items that can be donated, things that should be thrown away, and items that you want to keep. Sweep the floor and wash it, if possible, to give yourself a clean slate.

Consider What You Have

When many of us think of garage storage, we think of things like toolboxes and pegboards. While these are great applications for storing some items, they don’t work for every garage. If you don’t have many tools and mainly use your garage to store boxed holiday décor, shelving might be much more appropriate. Make sure that you are purchasing storage that fits what you are going to be storing instead of doing things the other way around.

Use Vertical Garage Storage

Because garages are such versatile storage spaces, you should explore both horizontal and vertical storage. Mounting things on the walls and hanging them overhead can make them more accessible and reduce the floor space that they take up. For example, if you have lots of soccer balls or basketballs, you could mount vertical ball racks on the walls for easy storage that keeps everything off of the floor.

Label Pegboards

If you are using pegboards for your garage storage and have everything arranged perfectly, label the board so that you don’t forget where anything goes. For a permanent solution, you can use a permanent marker to label. If you think you might be changing things up in the future or might put your home on the market, it’s a better idea to use labels that can be removed.

Create a Mudroom

Mudroom areas allow your family a place to stash dirty shoes, jackets, sports equipment, and other items you don’t want tracking mud throughout the house. In your garage, you can place labeled bins for every family member, a coat rack, and a shoe rack to create a mudroom space.

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