Home fire safety involves the home’s electrical system and other aspects of the house. There are a lot of home fires that start with an electrical short or faulty equipment that catches on fire. In this home fire safety guide, we’ll talk about what homeowners can do to protect themselves from home fires.

Here are 6 Tips on Fire Safety in the Home:

1. Check the Main Breaker

Inspect your home’s main breaker to make sure it isn’t loose or corroded. You can also test it by turning the main breaker off and then on again, which should turn all home circuits back on.

2. Don’t Overload Outlets with Appliances

One of the most common home fire safety mistakes is overloading outlets. Avoid plugging multiple appliances into the same home circuit because it overloads the wiring and the outlets. Use a power strip with a built-in breaker. This way, if a home appliance starts causing an electrical problem, the power strip will shut off.

3. Catch Fire Safety Problems Early On

Inspect your home for electrical issues to catch wiring or outlet problems before they cause a home fire. Any outlets that are hot to the touch or have strange odors should be checked by an electrician.

4. Practice Home Fire Escape Plans

All homeowners need to make a fire escape plan so they’re prepared in case of fire. Designate multiple escape routes from each room and determine a safe place to meet outside away from your home.

5. Place Fire Extinguishers in Your Home and Know How to Use Them

Fire extinguishers are essential for home fire safety. Make sure each of your family members knows how to use them. If a fire cannot be put out quickly, exit the home immediately and call 911.

6. Install Smoke Detectors for Fire Safety

Place smoke detectors on each level of your home, inside and just outside of sleeping areas, in the kitchen, and in the attic and basement. Test them regularly and change the batteries twice each year or as needed.

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