This summer, spend some time outdoors improving your house and property. You can boost curb appeal and help improve property value with some easy upgrades. Here are a few summertime home maintenance projects to keep your home looking great.

Summertime Home Maintenance: Clean the Gutters

If it’s been a few months since you last cleaned out the guttering, plan a weekend to tackle the task. Gutters are important to the health of your home. They move water from your roof and direct it away from the house.

Clogged gutters can lead to roof damage, basement flooding, mold growth, and they provide a place for mosquitoes to breed. Removing dirt, leaves, and debris from the gutter system means water will be properly channeled away from the home.

Update the Front Porch

The front of your property is one of the first things people notice about your home. Make sure it looks warm and welcoming. Spend the day deep cleaning the front porch. Scrub the floors, wash the walls, and use a vacuum or dust mop to remove debris and cobwebs from the corners.

Add new patio furniture and place an outdoor rug under your seating area for a cozier space. Clean lighting fixtures, sweep the steps, and plant flowers in pots or window boxes. You can also freshen up the front door with a new coat of paint to give new life to the area.

Add Mulch for Quick Summertime Home Maintenance

Mulch is attractive, plus it is beneficial to your flower beds. Mulch slows the growth of weeds and helps the soil retain moisture. It’s especially important for newly planted trees and shrubs.

Add mulch in a layer that is about 3 to 4 inches thick. For young trees, keep the mulch a few inches away from the bark to discourage insect damage to the tree. In your flower beds, mulch means less time spent weeding and your plants won’t have to be watered as often.

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