A good home office is more than just a place for a computer. It is important to have a space that enhances productivity and minimizes distractions. Designing a workspace is not as challenging as you may imagine. Use these tips to create a home office that is uniquely yours.

Choose a Location

Find a space that is away from distractions and noise. Convert an empty bedroom if one is available. Use a closet, attic, or other areas where you can work comfortably. Choose a room with a window, if possible. Be aware of where electrical outlets are in the space. Look for easy access to plug chargers and other electronics in, reducing the need to leave the room during work hours.

Furnish for Comfort and Style

Choose a desk chair that is comfortable and matches your style. Find a desk that fits in the space. Choose a folding option if space is limited. Coordinate the colors of your office furniture to achieve a cohesive look. Paint the walls or add art to create an aesthetically pleasing home office.

Install Good Lighting

Place your desk near a window, if possible. Find a desk lamp that offers good lighting with minimal glare. Choose a wall-mounted light if a traditional desk lamp is not an option. Place the office lighting to reduce glare or shadows on the screen during working hours.

Accessorize to Create a Home Office

Take advantage of working from home by personalizing your space. Use accessories you enjoy: colorful paper clips, a stapler with a unique design, and a chalkboard or whiteboard that uses personal magnets. Opt for stationery that compliments your personality.

Reuse and Repurpose

If you have a comfortable chair you can sit on for hours, move it to your office. Use hooks, baskets, and bins for office storage. Wash and decorate empty food containers to store pens and pencils. Create a hanging mail center with stretchy cord and clips. Maximize desk space by keeping supplies in trays or boxes on shelves.

Use Furniture on Wheels

Purchase mobile storage cabinets, chairs, and desks if you don’t have a dedicated space to work. Move your office around your home as necessary to achieve a distraction-free workday. Look for pieces that are lightweight and easy to move but are sturdy enough for work.

It is possible to create an enjoyable home office to maximize productivity. Convert a space that is under-used or design a mobile office. Design your workspace for comfort and productivity because working from home means spending a lot of time in your new office.

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